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Construction in Costa Rica

The purpose of this EBook is to give you a little more background on construction and real estate in Costa Rica so that you can begin to evaluate “what you see” on your own.


Is Costa Rica REALLY as Good as its own Press Releases?

This is the next step… what Costa Rica really is all about, what it has meant to me and what it can mean to others.


Costa Rica The Land that Time Forgot

This book is unlike any other about Costa Rica. Is it jammed with facts and figures? Sure it is. But that is probably not why you’re reading it.


Costa Rica "Behind the Curtain"

You Are About To Discover One Of The Most Closely Guarded Tropical Paradise Secrets That Exist In The Western Hemisphere... And Possibly In the World...


Investments in Costa Rica

Even though it appears that are a great many similarities between Costa Rica and other “gringo” countries… there are major differences that most people are not even aware of. Never assume anything when making a financial decision in Costa Rica. Almost no newcomers to Costa Rica “know how things work.” And that leaves them wide open to be taken advantage of. Think I’m kidding?


No Bull Guide to  Costa Rica

I had spent literally thousands of hours on the internet so, of course, I knew precisely what to expect one we hit the ground in Costa Rica. Boy, was I worng...


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